Maryanne Raggett Nungarrayi

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists & Tangentyere Artists

Maryanne Raggett Nungarrayi was born in M’Bunghara, near Glen Helen Station, NT, in 1957, and she depicts this Country in her paintings. Raggett comes from a strong lineage of painters, learning to paint from her mother Daisy Leura Nakamarra, and her father Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri. Her mother was one of the first female painters of the Western Desert Art Movement and her father was one of the founders of this movement in Papunya, both painting for Papunya Tula Artists. Raggett continues to pass on her knowledge and this legacy to her daughter Audrey Inkamala, who she paints alongside at Tangentyere Artists.

Raggett often recalls memories from M’Bunghara, where she lived until it was acquired and excised from the surrounding cattle station. She recounts ceremony and big family groups coming together for holidays when she was a girl, and she also paints the bush tucker from her Country. Her works are often sought after and have been exhibited across Australia.