Nyinta Donald

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists & Tangentyere Artists

Nyinta Donald was born on Angas Downs Station in the summer of 1946. Her father Barney Donald, whose Pitjantjatjara name was Poyajilbi, was a Tjungarrayi man from Punritjanta (Bloods Range) the northern side of the Petermann Ranges, Northern Territory. Her mother Awiterri, was from Kaanpi, south of the Mann Ranges, South Australia. Her parents met at Kaltukatjara (Docker River) and then moved to Angas Downs Station, where Poyajilbi worked bringing harvested salt to Alice Springs on camel caravans. Her mother raised up three sons, as well as Nyinta, but during severe drought, like many other families from this region, the family moved to Areyonga Government Reserve administered by the Lutheran Mission.


Nyinta lived at Areyonga for many years, marrying a fellow resident Freddie Peipei (now deceased). They had three sons, who are all grown. Nyinta worked at the Areyonga primary school as a bilingual educator for a long time. Nyinta has also painted for a long time, including for the former Ngurratjuta Art Centre. A member of the Alice Springs Lutheran Church and its Mission Block Choir, Nyinta enjoys painting whatever comes to her mind based on her life. Her work is often informed by her spiritual beliefs and involvement with the church community. Nyinta’s cousin Nora Abbott has also joined Tangentyere Artists.