Sadie Clare Richards

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists & Tangentyere Artists

Sadie was born in Alice Springs and raised in Docker River. Her mother was from Areyonga and her father from Yuendumu, he was a Warlpiri man. Sadie had two older siblings, one brother and a sister. Sadie has painted for herself in the past after starting at home in 2006. Her mother is Tangentyere Artists’ Nora Abbott. Tangentyere Artists’ Nyinta Donald is her mother’s cousin.

Sadie paints in a range of styles, figurative and abstract, with the imagery she paints strongly relating to her Country, Docker River, also Areyonga. Many of Sadie’s artworks have strong graphical elements, and she paints about wildflowers, bush tucker such as bush banana, wild passion fruit, the desert and women’s activities such as collecting water, and dancing. Sadie started painting with Tangentyere Artist in 2020.