COLLAB 1 Amber Food Wraps and Sonia Pallett Mookaite Sterling Silver Waterhole Earrings, 2021


  • 2021
  • Sterling Silver, Mookaite, Bees Wax Wrap
  • Catalog No: 11

There is nothing like Women empowering other women.   I thought it would be super Deadly to do a few collaborations with other Blak businesses and to start off the collaboration trail I would like to introduce Amber Food Wraps.  You might be thinking what are they?? Good question they are an Aboriginal Owned and-made using an environmentally conscious product.  These wraps are 100% cotton designed by the Traditional Owners of the Northern Territory.  They are dipped and finished in organic beeswax, which is locally sourced, organic resin, and organic jojoba oil.  The wraps are made to keep food fresher, by covering it with sustainable non-toxic wax wraps.  They are re-usable and could last up to 12 months, depending on use and care.  You will receive 1 medium approx 29cm food wrap with this pack, colours and designs may vary.

Sonia Pallett Sterling silver Mookite Waterhole earrings will be included in this collaboration Mookaite stone coloring may differ from each pack.  Mookaite is an Australian Jasper predominantly found in Western Australia.  Coming from the word Mooka which means running water.  Great gift idea