Freshwater Lagoon, 2021


  • 31cm x 31cm
  • 2021
  • Watercolour and ink on paper
  • Catalog No: 15

Dorothy Edwards, Born: 1966 in Cairns, Queensland, Language Group: Kokotharpal, Clan Group: Kokoberrin

Area: Central Western Cape York Peninsula Homelands: Pinnarinch, Community: Cairns – Kowanyama – Normanton

Clan story place: Water Fairy, Totem Name: Minmandel (Grey and white Fish Hawk)

Title: Freshwater Lagoon, hand coloured, lino print on paper, 31 x 31cm, unframed A/P

Story: Our families go out fishing up the Cape. We go to the freshwater lagoons to catch the turtle, which burrow deep into the mud. We poke a stick into the mud to find the hard shell. I was taught to do this when I was a young girl. When out on county, you need to be mindful, as saltwater crocodiles can travel over land and they can live in freshwater lagoons also. This artwork is about the lagoons in our homelands and the beautifully coloured waterlilies.