Freshwater Mussel Shell II, 2020


  • 56cm x 76cm
  • 2020
  • Ink and Acrylic on paper
  • Catalog No: 21

Lisa Michl Ko-manggén (OAM), Born: 1977 in Cairns, Queensland, Language Group: Kokotharpal, Clan Group: Kokoberrin

Area: Central Western Cape York Peninsula Homelands: Pinnarinch, Community: Cairns – Kowanyama – Normanton

Clan story place: Water Fairy, Totem Name: Ko-manggén

Title: Freshwater Mussel Shell, 2020, Ink and Acrylic on paper, 56cm x 76cm

Original Print

This artwork tells the story of when we went out to catch long-necked swamp turtle and gather freshwater mussel shell. My brother and cousin would hold the drag net at the shallow end and my cousin sister and I would hold the drag net at the deep end. The water level in the lagoon was very high and we were in the water when, my cousin sister told us about how someone in the community mentioned that they had seen a large crocodile in the lagoon that week. We ended up quickly calling it a day and dug in the shallow water for freshwater mussel shell instead. We also cut down some cabbage palm for their hearts and collected some dye.