Milkwater, 2021


  • 120cm x 60cm x 3cm
  • 2021
  • Natural Ochre And Pigment On Paper
  • Catalog No: 2217-5810-21

Senior artist, Kittey Malarvie’s traditional Country is the desert landscape around Sturt Creek, south west of Kununurra and north of the Great Sandy Desert. Layers of lines map the country along the river banks and interpret the transition of the seasons across a remarkable place of black soil and water the colour of milk. The artist reveals layers of cultural meaning and connectedness; memories of a childhood playing with her sisters, recollections of family histories and during more recent visits, speaking with the rainbow serpent on a moonlit night from the water’s edge. In Malarvie’s evolving ‘Milkwater’ series she depicts a meditation on the multifaceted play of wind and light on water.