Mim-Barrcherr (Crocodile), 2019


  • 24cm x 34cm
  • 2019
  • Ink on paper
  • Catalog No: 14

Dorothy Edwards, Born: 1966 in Cairns, Queensland, Language Group: Kokotharpal, Clan Group: Kokoberrin

Area: Central Western Cape York Peninsula Homelands: Pinnarinch, Community: Cairns – Kowanyama – Normanton

Clan story place: Water Fairy, Totem Name: Minmandel (Grey and white Fish Hawk)

Title: Mim-Barrcherr (Crocodile), Etching print on paper, 15 x 15cm, Unframed A/P

Saltwater crocodiles were occasionally hunted on traditional Kokoberrin homelands for meat, and their hide could be used for leather.

Story: “One day, we were crossing a water lagoon by balancing on floating tree logs and branches, when to our surprise, what we thought was a log started to move – it was actually a large saltwater crocodile! This artwork is showing the crocodile looking like a log. Hiding just under the surface of the water.”