Red Finch, 2019


  • 30cm x 29.5cm
  • 2019
  • Ink on paper
  • Catalog No: 4

Lisa Michl Ko-manggén (OAM), Born: 1977 in Cairns, Queensland, Language Group: Kokotharpal, Clan Group: Kokoberrin

Area: Central Western Cape York Peninsula Homelands: Pinnarinch, Community: Cairns – Kowanyama – Normanton

Clan story place: Water Fairy, Totem Name: Ko-manggén

Title: Red Finch, 2019, Linocut print on paper, 30 x 29.5cm


Story: The red bellied finch (Neochmia phaeton) inhabits the tall dense grasses and eucalypt/ pandanus woodlands around Kowanyama.

They have a distinct crimson face and beak, and a bright crimson underbelly with small white spots.

They are now an endangered species in Queensland and population numbers are impacted by grass fires and invasive weeds.

Michl’s detailed work depicts these beautiful birds feeding on the grass seeds and collecting cause grass and bark to make nests among dry pandanus leaves.